Special Programs

Within BBS are 6 special programs that offer additional, specialized training to students. The first five require applicants to express interest in the program during the BBS application process

Chemistry/Biology Interface

Yale's Chemical Biology Training Program offers BBS students specialized training at the interface of biology and chemistry.

Integrated Graduate Program in Physical and Engineering Biology (IGPPEB)

The Integrated Graduate Program in Physical and Engineering Biology combines traditional training in the biological sciences with skills and techniques employed in physics and engineering.

Medical Research Scholars Program

The Medical Research Scholars Program bridges barriers between traditional predoctoral and medical training by providing both medically oriented coursework and a mentored clinical experience to select BBS students.

Plant Molecular Biology

The plant Molecular Biology program (PMB) offers a unique training and research opportunity for select students with specialized interest in the plant sciences in a programmatic context of broader education in all modern areas of molecular, cellular and developmental biology.

Cooperative Program between University of Puerto Rico Medical School, Yale School of Medicine & Yale Graduate School

While at Yale, students will participate in Yale MD/PhD Program activities, including graduate level courses specifically designed for physician-scientists, seminars on research projects in progress, departmental retreats, and other educational and social activities that the Program conducts. They will be matched with a faculty mentor who will provide academic guidance, and become part of the Big Sib/Little Sib Program that pairs senior MD/PhD students with newly admitted students. Students will be provided with information concerning potential research mentors at Yale during their first year of medical school.


China Scholarship Council-Yale World Scholars Program

The CSC-Yale World Scholars in Biomedical Sciences recruits top applicants from eight of China's best universities for specialized training in the BBS Program.

Additional Learning Opportunities

In today's scientific arena, even rigorous Ph.D. training is not enough. To help our students develop the additional skills necessary to succeed after graduation, we offer the additional programs and services below.

PhD/MBA Joint Degree Program

Recognizing the long-standing applicability of the PhDbeyond the academy and the increasing relevance of sophisticated management analysis in the highly varied positions held by many PhDrecipients, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) will join with the School of Management (SOM) to offer one of the first joint degrees of its kind, the MBA/Ph.D.

Molecular Virology

The Molecular Virology Program at Yale University is a campus-wide, interdepartmental program designed to coordinate and facilitate the study of viruses and viral diseases. Read More